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Best Areas to Stay in London

Best Areas to Stay in London city on your next trip to London, England. 

In London, there is no such thing as a "best neighbourhood." There is no "downtown" in London since the greatest attractions are scattered out, and much relies on your interests and money. Given that most tourists to London walk or take public transportation to reach the attractions, certain neighbourhoods are more central and handier than others.

Similarly, the greatest hotels in London are not concentrated in one region, and superb luxury lodgings can be found in almost any part of the city.

The West End (Covent Garden, Soho, Leicester Square, Oxford Street, Mayfair) is a very central neighbourhood that houses the majority of London's theatres, top art galleries, great, varied cuisine for all budgets, and much of the city's nightlife. 4-star and 5-star hotels predominate, with some intermediate deals thrown in for good measure. It's simple to get around on foot, and there are excellent public transportation links to other districts of London. This neighbourhood is ideal for families visiting London.

Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia, just north of the West End, are similarly centrally placed, walkable to the West End, with plenty of bookshops, calm streets, and the British Museum as the main attraction. There is a large selection of accommodations available, all of which are less expensive than the West End. North of Fitzrovia lies King's Cross, which has many trains stops. It doesn't have many attractions, but it offers great transportation connections to other sections of London, Heathrow and Gatwick airports, and the Eurostar to Paris and Amsterdam. The majority of the accommodations are budget guesthouses and chain hotels.

The Victoria Station area, situated south of Westminster and St James's and on the outskirts of the West End, provides good transit links to Gatwick airport as well as accommodations ranging from budget to luxury.

Kensington is located southwest of London's West End. It's on the Piccadilly line, which makes it convenient for getting about central London and to Heathrow Airport. It also boasts a number of star attractions, and while the region has a number of 5-star hotels, there is something for everyone's budget.

The West End is across the Thames from the South Bank and Bank Side. There are several attractions in this area. There are both boutique and chain hotels here. The attractions in the City of London are superb, and there are several inexpensive chain hotels and weekend deals at the more expensive ones. Camden and the East End provide low-cost lodgings, although they are less handy for tourism.

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