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Travelling To Move With Children

Travelling To Move With Children

Travelling To Move With Children travel tips

Moving house is difficult enough, but moving long distances and having to travel to arrive at your new home presents special challenges.

Prepare your child well in advance for the move and the trip by talking about it, play acting, and reading books about moving, traveling, and the city of your new home.

Find something about the new city your child finds interesting or exciting and remind your child that you will see or do that that activity when you get unpacked.

Use the power of the internet to view webcams in your new city, talk to current residents or a message board, or join an email group. Try to find your child a pen pal who is close to their age. Feeling like they know someone in the new city will make the move less scary.

As you are packing your child’s room, remind the child they will see their things again on the other end, in your new room. If possible, let your child help with the packing.

Talk about how the moving men will come and put all your boxes on the truck. Let you child know their things will be safe. Let your child choose a few things to go in the car or plane with them. They will feel more secure.

Talk to your child about their feelings. Let them express their sadness about leaving friends and extended family, and their fears about living in a new city and new house.

Give your child a chance to say goodbye to friends and exchange addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.

If driving, make the move and adventure. Plan extra time to take sightseeing trips your child will enjoy and remember. Take lots of pictures to share with family and friends.

If you take your child’s feelings into consideration and make long distance moving an adventure, your child will delight in telling the story of their move.

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