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Travelling on Trains in the UK

Planning a Train Trip With Children

Planning a Train Trip With Children Travel Tips

Let’s face it, if children were to pick their favorite ways to travel, trains would likely come in dead last.  They ride along, staring at the same sibling across the car for the length of the trip. 

Kids can only stare out the windows at passing telephone poles for so long before they get bored.  Forethought and planning are a necessity, in order to help mom and dad keep their sanity to the end of the line. 

Infants are fascinated with new things and places, so they often handle travelling surprisingly well.  Toddlers and preschoolers require a bit more thought. 

When planning the trip, keep the kids in mind.  While adults and older children might  be able to handle a twelve hour layover without flinching, younger children will get tired of sitting in the same place for so long. 

If a layover is absolutely necessary,  try to plan some  kind of  distraction, like a trip to a local park.  Keep in mind that after being cooped up in a train car all day, they will likely have a lot of energy to burn off, so parks and playgrounds will probably work better than museums or theaters.

With most young children, the best time for the boring part of the trip—the actual traveling—is during the night or naptime.  The rhythm of the train and the boredom will combine to put most children right to sleep. 

If nighttime travel isn’t an option, then be sure to bring along things to entertain and occupy the kids.  When selecting these items, gather a variety, rather than one or two favorites, because even a favorite book can get boring after the sixth reading.

Even the most boring of train rides doesn’t have to be a disaster.  With careful planning ahead of time, most children will enjoy the “quality time” spent with their parents along the way.

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