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Packing For A Road Trip With Preschoolers

Packing For A Road Trip With Preschoolers Travel tips

When you are on a long road trip with preschoolers, things can get a little noisy.  After hearing “are we there yet?” thirteen times in two miles, you might begin to wish you and your kids had just stayed home.

But, weary travelling parent, relax. There is hope.

Planning is key when introducing your preschoolers to the joys of the road trip.

Provide entertainment – The night before the trip, ask each child to choose three to five toys or activities to bring along. Helping choose the activities make the child feel a part of the trip, and they are likely to pick activities they will enjoy.

In addition to the child picked activities, mom or dad should pack a few activities as surprises. Unexpected toys will help break the monotony of road travel. Coloring books and crayons, books, pocket games, window markers and play clay will help keep your child occupied.

When the toys and games from home lose their ability to entertain, turn to fun and interesting road games. See who can find more blue cars in two miles, or count out of state license plates.

Older kids will have fun counting how many license plates have the letter “C” or the number 4. Parents and kids can take turns telling a story, round robin style. One person starts, telling the beginning of the story and then passes it on to someone else. The next person continues the story, and then passes to the next.

It’s inevitable, one hundred miles from nowhere your child will pipe out with, “Mommy, I’m hungry.”  And, we all know, a hungry preschooler is a whiney, unhappy preschooler. Be prepared for middle of nowhere snack requests with fun, easy to eat snacks prepared and waiting in a cooler.

Sliced apples and peanut butter, celery stuffed with cream cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches cut into fun shapes, veggie sticks, or bananas make great on-the-road snacks for preschoolers.

Choose drinks with a minimal amount of sugar for the trip, you don’t want your kids hyper and restless because of too much sugar. Juice boxes or pouches are not good choices in the car. When your child squeezes the container, juice will spray the entire car.     

Road trips with your preschooler can be a fun chance to learn about and with each other. Plan ahead with healthful snacks and fun activities and make the trip memorable for all of you.

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