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Navigating Airports With Small Children

Navigating Airports With Small Children

Navigating Airports With Small Children

Airports are crowded, busy, and dangerous places. With today’s airline security restrictions, it is almost impossible to get through check in and boarding quickly. You can do a few things to make your airport experience as pleasant as possible.

Call the airline or check your national airline security website to find out the acceptable size and weight of your luggage. Also, double-check the items that are allowable in your carry on and stowed luggage. These standards change from time to time. 

Get to the airport on time. The old advice was to arrive at the airport several hours before your flight is scheduled to leave. Now, however, this depends on the level of airport security. Be sure to check with your airline carrier the day of your flight.

Airports are a kidnappers dream. Busy, distracted parents and bored, excited children are the perfect combination for disaster.

In order to give your child your full attention, carry as little as possible. Either bring along a luggage carrier, hire a skycap, or have a friend drive you to the airport and help you with luggage.

Know where your departure terminal is. It’s no fun to think you know where you’re supposed to be, only to find that you’re at the wrong terminal. Sprinting through an airport and dodging crowds with kids in tow is not fun and is a good way to miss your flight.

Remember, your child will have to go through airport screening procedures. Explain the process to your child well before the trip. Spend time discussing what will happen and practice going through an imaginary metal detector.

In depth security checks are random, don’t assume that you will be skipped just because you are traveling with children. Even babies and pregnant women are not exempt.

With a little forethought and preparation, navigating the airport in preparation for your flight will be easier and virtually painless.

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